Start Your Engines – How Wi-Fi 6 is Powering the Fan Experience at the DAYTONA 500


In the adrenaline-fueled world of NASCAR, where roaring engines and the thrill of high-speed competition take center stage, there's a silent hero ensuring fans stay connected to the heart of the action. At Daytona International Speedway, cutting-edge technology is paving the way for creating a next-generation fan experience.

Connectivity at venues is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Fans crave real-time updates, social media interactions, and immersive digital experiences that complement the thrill of live events. The DAYTONA 500, renowned as one of the grandest spectacles in motorsports, requires strong connectivity to keep the audience engaged and happy with their experience. As the engines rev up and anticipation builds, the need for seamless connectivity becomes more apparent.


Deploying Wi-Fi 6 to Transform Fan Experiences and Operations

NASCAR racetracks, often sprawling across vast areas, pose a unique challenge for ensuring robust connectivity. The large venues demand a strong network, and Daytona International Speedway has stepped up. Daytona is the largest outdoor Wi-Fi 6 deployments in the United States. This deployment helps it not just meet fan expectations but also shatter them with a level of connectivity that is hard to attain at venues of this size. With 2,100 strategically placed access points throughout the venue, the Wi-Fi network blankets the expansive grounds, ensuring high-capacity connectivity that reaches every corner.

A Digital Fan Experience

As engines rev and excitement peaks, fans at the DAYTONA 500 are not confined to being just spectators at the event. The robust Wi-Fi 6 network allows them to stream live footage, share their favorite moments on social media, and actively participate in the event's digital ecosystem. From real-time updates to interactive experiences, Wi-Fi 6 puts the power of connectivity directly in the hands of every spectator.

But it isn't just about delivering a fast connection for fans surfing the web or checking social media. It is about opening up a whole new world of convenience for fans. Mobile payments and digital ticketing allow fans to enhance their race day with their devices. Whether it's ordering concessions from the comfort of their seats or swiftly entering the venue with a digital ticket, Wi-Fi 6 will redefine fan engagement at the DAYTONA 500.

Improving Venue Operations

Beyond fan experience, Wi-Fi 6 has revolutionized operational connectivity, streamlining behind-the-scenes processes that ensure the seamless execution of major events at Daytona International Speedway. From race control to media coverage, every facet of the DAYTONA 500 benefits from the efficiency and speed offered by Wi-Fi 6.

Maintaining A Racetrack Network with a Cloud-Managed Solution

Daytona International Speedway leverages cutting-edge tools like ExtremeCloud IQ and ExtremeAnalytics to manage its network and gather comprehensive insights. These tools provide venue staff with a wealth of data to enhance operational efficiencies and streamline crowd management. From monitoring traffic flow to analyzing concession stand queues, these solutions offer actionable intelligence, empowering real-time decision-making.

Revving Up for the DAYTONA 500

As we race towards the DAYTONA 500, join us on a journey into the heart of technological innovation, where Wi-Fi 6 takes the checkered flag in transforming how we experience and connect with one of the most electrifying events in motorsports.

Get ready to witness the intersection of speed, connectivity, and the venue of the future at the DAYTONA 500!

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