Network Security

Protect One Network with Layered Solutions

Frictionless Experience for Secure Hybrid Work

Universal ZTNA

ExtremeCloud Universal ZTNA is the easiest, most complete network access solution for users everywhere. It delivers a frictionless user experience and consistent security policy for applications and devices, including IoT.
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Security for Wireless, Wired and SD-WAN

Detect, prevent and remediate threats to WLAN and IoT devices, prevent unauthorized access and stop lateral movement across the network, protect users applications and data with robust integrated WAN security and secure Internet access.
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Secure by Design

Extreme Networks is the first major cloud-managed networking vendor recognized by the global standard for commitment to information security management systems best practices and controls.
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Enhance security, consolidate tools and increase visibility

Prevent, detect and stop attacks on the WLAN with our industry-leading intrusion, detection and mitigation capabilities that provide secure classification and monitoring.

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Protect the information APs store -  the device, the user, the client, QoS policies, and more. Extreme APs leverage a stateful firewall and TPM chip technology to protect layers 2-7 against DoS, firmware attacks, ransomware and more.

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ExtremeCloud Universal ZTNA unifies cloud managed ZTNA, NAC, AP and switch security to provide a frictionless user experience with consistent security policies for applications and devices, including IoT.

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Secure the WAN and extensions to the cloud. Built-in WAN security plus optional advanced security options protect the network from cyber-attack.

Industry-leading, highly scalable end-to end fabric solution deployed in thousands of customer networks. Unifies, automates and secures the network across wired, wireless and SD-WAN environments.

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